Welcome! I´m Abián Rodríguez, I work as Tech Lead for a Site Reliability Engineering team and I´ve built this blog to offer some content in my small space on the web. At the moment, this is a very basic desription over which I plan to iterate to improve along with the blog itself.

About lacabezaenlasnubes

The content is mainly work notes and posts related to Site Reliability Engineering, DevOps and programming. I want to share my experience and interesting problems I come along, with the hope that my knowledge can be useful to others. Become, maybe, that blog somebody reaches after searching the web trying to solve an error o difficult configuration, and suddently their face lights up because somebody else has already been there, and can help finding the solution. I´ve seen myself many times in the side of the one searching, and I´m excited with the challenge of being in the side that offers the solution.

Moreover, since I work remotely (and without that opportunity I would have never been able to be who I am now). I will take advantage of my own little corner of cyberspace to add an online mini-bio to help improve the experience and communication with me on this new work paradigm.


Besides my work as Tech Lead, which is my most interesting project, when time allows I work on other open-source projects that I feel are interesting.

  • DaCtester action: Github action based in the doc-as-code paradigm, to apply compliance testing to documentation source code in markdown format. Uses my own dockerized Python app and allows for the definition of custom testing rules with the objective of being as flexible as possible. Thus, each organization can make sure their documentation has the format and content they need.
  • Azure storage logging updated: This fork sprouts from my own need to implement security logs in Azure Table Storage for a custom application. The original module has stopped being compatible with Azure, so I´ve updated it to mantain compatibility. It has the same license that the original and my plan is to update all the source to make the rest of the Log Handlers compatible.